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What is Swarm

Swarm is a automation platform that allows user to automate manual, complex, or repetitive tasks. The product offers a fully integrated, end-to-end solution that allows you to automate any task, leading to improved productivity, customer experience, and employee job satisfaction.


With Swarm, you can

No code required - Easily build and streamline processes using our beautiful workflow editor. Automate any part of your business without having to code.

Automatically scale - The number of robots automatically scales based on the workload. A worker-queue-based architecture enables you to run as many robots as needed, without having to pay for each robot and adjust manually.

Integrate your apps - Integrate with any web-based or desktop software. We connect you to the very deepest levels of what web services offer. Connect to Office 365, Microsoft Excel, Jotform, and more.

Resubmit and exceptions - Intelligently handle exceptions and steps requiring human intervention with an intuitive online manager. Assist the bot and resubmit the robot to complete the process. Manage complex business processes and automate the entire processes, instead of a subtask.

Fully managed - Connects to your environments, so you do not have to manage additional servers and insure additional hosting costs.